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Who will cover our wedding?

We will do anything possible and even the impossible because we take it personally (Lizzy and Hugo) and if we need additional photographers it with our excellent collaborators. All the material you have seen so far is ours, we have taken, recorded and edited it. Why? Because that way we guarantee that you will get quality work and because we love doing what we do.


Do you make wedding videos too?

We know how to make video too, we have done it for the last few years, we have the experience and the equipment to do it. However, we are better when we dedicate ourselves to take pictures or make video. That is why we decided not to take more photos and videos in the same wedding. Is it important for you to have options together? Get in touch with us and we will help you solve it.

Can we design our own event coverage?

Yes. Let's sit down and talk about it!


How many pictures will you submitt to us?

All the photographs refined by us are delivered, there is no minimum or maximum and they are chosen under the main criteria that the story is told completely and by itself.


How many digital pictures are edited and how are the digital files submitt?

All photos undergo basic editing with lighting and color correction and are submitt digitally in high resolution.

Do you travel to a place other than San Miguel de Allende or outside of Querétaro?

Yes, we love going to other places! Are there per diem charges?

Transportation costs are charged for fuel and toll highways in distances greater than 60 km (40 mi) around the City of Querétaro or toll highways in even shorter distances when required. Regarding accommodation, 1 hotel night is required when the wedding site within a 2 or more hour drive; and 2 hotel nights when the site is located within a 4 hour drive and is it necessary start coverage before 2:00 p.m.

In Monterrey no lodging expenses are charged.


Could you adjust to our event if fewer hours of coverage are required?

Yes. In cases where less complete coverage is required, we can work by the hour. The hourly rate is USD $250. In case of requiring hourly service, a single photographer is considered and the delivery of material in digital files (all pictures refined by us with minimal editing). Any other type of format or extra photographer must be quoted additionally.


How are the payments made for the coverage we choose?

You can book the date and sign a contract with 25% of the total value of the package you choose. The reminder 75% could be paid in installments up to one month of the wedding day.

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Do you have any other question?

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