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We are Liz and Hugo, and we make beautiful wedding photos and videos but, above all, through them we tell stories of happy couples to help immortalize memories that makesx a legacy for future generations of families they are forming.

We always look for a documentary style in which we prioritize telling the story in an honest and authentic way, trying to avoid rigid or uncomfortable poses or intervening too much, avoiding forcing moments that we would like, but on the contrary, we are always attentive to naturally capture everything that It happens at a wedding, thus achieving authentic photographic and video reports that speak of each wedding but above all, of each couple.

We love weddings because they are days when important people for the couple meet with the sole purpose of celebrating love, so there are always good vibes, joy and everything is cool, plus we also love to laugh, be moved or until crying and dancing together with the couple on that day

In addition, we believe that wedding photos and videos are very important because it are the beginning of the formation of a new family, but also for future generations, such as her children, grandchildren, etc., is recorded there.

Throughout our career in this, we have had examples that some time after the wedding, a family member or important friend to the couple enters a complicated situation or even dies and the wedding photos or video become one of the last vestiges that remember how that person looked but not only that, but how happy they were at that moment, how they laughed, how they danced and, in the case of the videos, even how their voice was heard. We are Liz and Hugo, wedding photographers and videographers. We are co-workers, friends, boyfriends, husbands and parents of Clau and Lalo. For 7 years we have documented around 200 weddings in different places in Mexico and we have even had the opportunity to document weddings in Italy and Germany. Since the basis of our work is observation, our experience gives us the ability to help many couples with different questions that arise in the process of planning a wedding. This blog has the purpose of talking about our experiences providing tips and advice to couples who are about to get married, write us if you want us to talk about a particular topic and if we can help with that, we will gladly make an entry on the subject.


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